Gas Land Australia

Reserves in New South Wales are the key to new global energy strategies [...]

More Uranium for Everyone

Australia contains 40 percent of the world’s uranium deposits; India is a rising power in need of energy committed to nuc [...]

Six years of drought have damaged the country's economy
A dried up Country

Australia is hit by the worst drought ever. The damage caused to the economy is increasing, as are also the restrictions [...]

Two worlds divided

The Australian government wants to open the Aborigine areas to everyone, but the Aborigines aren't happy about it. [...]

Australia Says No to Homegrown Guantanamo

Prime Minister Howard withdraws legislation that would have sent asylum-seekers to Nauru [...]

Father Peter Murnane

Australia, a Domenican brother pedaled 2700 km for a journey of reconciliation [...]

So far in these sandals

A monk pedals around his country bringing a message of brotherhood [...]

Camel shooting

In Australia there are too many wild camels. And what is the remedy? To shoot them from an helicopter [...]

With a bang and bust

A peaceful protest for the release of asylum-seekers is cracked down by the Australian police [...]

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