London, in the aftermath of the riots

Interview with Nina Power, British philosopher, writer, journalist and academic [...]

Disenfranchised in London

An interview with Professor Rodney Barker. “The violence is affecting working class neighborhoods, destroying the very pl [...]

An Iraqi prisoner
The law wins

UK highest court rules that the Convention for human rights can be applied to British armed forces abroad [...]

The nuclear vote

Today the House of Commons pass the contested Trident atomic weapons programme. [...]

The Isles of Contention

The term “British Isles” will disappear from atlantes of an Irish publisher. [...]

Two steps forward

The first soldiers are taking their leave, while the independent investigating commission ‘clears’ the IRA [...]

Lethal Experiments

Veterans used as laboratory guinea pigs for the bacteriological war sue the government [...]

The denied syndrome

The British Minister of Defence ceases to recognise an indemnity for the victims of the Gulf War [...]

The Flag of War

The black flag of death is flown by British submarines after every war mission [...]

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