Child Labor Emergency in Peru

More than three million children forced to work. Awareness and concrete action needed for pressing and complex social pro [...]

A Sendero Luminoso militant
Sendero Luminoso returns

Shining Path, a Maoist guerrilla group in Peru, attacks and kills army soldiers [...]

Ollanta Humala
Money to placate discontent

Government invests millions of euros in war against poverty in order to placate discontent [...]

Everybody stops

The general strike called by the Cocaleros has blocked the country [...]

In defence of a thousand year old sacred plant

The Peruvian cocaleros are on strike to defend their rights [...]

Oxapampa's desaparecidos

Raquel Martin saw a group of soldiers kidnap her husband, who was later found dead [...]

Children beaten up by police

"The most dramatic scene since I arrived in Peru" [...]

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