Bolivia: the government lowers the age of retirement

A new pension reform: men will become eligible for retirement at the age of 58, instead of the previous 66, and women and [...]

Bolivia, a halt to hostilities

Negotiations between President Morales and the rebel prefects have resumed [...]

Evo Morales
The Brave President

The United States is financing opposition groups to destabilise Evo Morales' government, according to Vice President of t [...]

The illiterate does not live here anymore

Bolivia: thanks to the program “Yo si puedo” no more analphabetism in the city of Tolata [...]

Bad weather that kills

Heavy rains batter Bolivia, leaving homeless and dead people in their trail [...]

Waging war for autonomy

Tension is increasing in Bolivia's Cochabamba region, over a referendum for devolution [...]

The protected leaf

Morales wants to combat drug-trafficking while saving the cultural traditions of Bolivia [...]

Che’s Mistakes

Gary Prado, the officer who captured Ernesto “Che” Guevara in Bolivia, talks about past and present [...]

The Magna Carta of Bolivian Dreams

Inauguration of the constituent assembly charged with transforming the nation to guarantee rights for everyone, including [...]

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