Amazon’s fate hangs on Dilma’s veto

Congress has voted to remove the legal bulwarks protecting the Amazon rain forest from stripping by livestock farmers and [...]

 Soldiers in Rio
Fight for Your Right

In Rio de Janeiro, the Army battles drug traffickers to let citizens vote [...]

Pope Benedict XVI
The Pope's Admission

"The memory of a glorious past cannot deliberately leave out the dark episodes related to the process of evangelization i [...]

Pope Benedict XVI
A papal offense to Indios

"Arrogant and disrespectful. We're deeply offended". The Brazilian indigenous population reacted in this way to the ideas [...]

favelas in rio
Favelas telenovelas

In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro people continue to die, but tragedy is a TV success [...]

Put a Magazine in your Gun

Toy weapons in exchange for magazines for children. Fortaleza invests in the culture of peace. [...]

Brazil, countdown for omophobia

The Parliament is about to approve a draft that will compare homophobes to racists [...]

The Big Top of dreams

A circus full of street children that learn a trade and look towards life with hope [...]

Dams of disagreement

Kayapò Indians protest against the construction of dams along the Xingu River in the Brazilian Amazon [...]

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