Palestine: the longest day

On September 20th the UN Assembly will debate independence for the Palestinians [...]

Voices of the Flotilla

One of the Freedom Flotilla’s coordinators, Maria Elena Delia tells us about the waiting game in Athens [...]

Vittorio, the good hero

Strong, brave, generous. Just like in fairytales. [...]

Palestine, the Keffiyah clings on

In Hebron, the last factory for making the traditional headscarf struggles to compete with Chinese-made versions [...]

Israel deports children of migrant workers

Tel Aviv government changes residency requirements for migrants: 400 children may be forced to leave their families [...]

Killing is Easy

Israel patrols Gaza’s border using remote controlled rifles, operated at a distance by 20 year old female soldiers [...]

UN statement on Israel's Gaza aid ships raid

The UN Security Council has agreed a statement following Israel's raid on Monday on a convoy of aid ships bound for Gaza. [...]

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