Crimes Go Unpunished in Sri Lanka

Horrifying new images of the atrocities committed by the regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa during the final phase of the war ag [...]

Sri Lanka, a year later

Twelve months after the end of the conflict, Rajapaksa's war crimes are yet unpunished and 80 thousand Tamil refugees are [...]

Sri Lanka, children at war

Everyday, tens of young soldiers loose their lives in the military battles of the Singalese army and the stronghold of Ta [...]

Tamils, 25 years on the run

Sri Lanka, from the pogroms of 1983 to the war of today [...]

A LTTE training camp
Child fighters on the increase

In Sri Lanka the Tamil Tigers announce the release of 135 child soldiers and promise not to kidnap more children [...]

A Journey in Sri Lanka

Between the ruins of a millenary civilization and the reality of a daily war [...]

Starting from scratch

Another useless round of peace talks between Sri Lanka's government and Tamil rebels [...]

A meditated peace

An interview with Charika Marasinghe, human rights lawyer from Sri Lanka who emulates Gandhi [...]

Buddha of discord

The tension in Trincomalee, in northeast Sri Lanka [...]

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