Lukashenko makes the break

After a progressive deterioration in relations between Moscow and Minsk, Lukashenko goes so far as to declare “Russia is [...]

Viktor Bout, rise and fall of a man of mystery

Extradition to the United States ends the career of the man reputed to be the world’s biggest arms dealer. But is this really the last chapter of his story? [...]

Bosnia: Conflicting Memories

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre, the President of Serbia –controversially – participat [...]

Russia's New Economic Program

Putin presents Moscow’s ‘New Deal’ for the Caucasus. Economic revival, hotels and ski slopes, commerce and petrol: a new [...]

France moves towards burqa ban

A bill banning the use of the full veil in public places has been introduced into the Council of Ministers and will be de [...]

Whose side should we be on?

Given the organisation’s pedigree, and the countless admirable people who believe in its mission, today we should be on Emergency’s side. [...]

The Us Navy in Naples
Water and chicken banned for US troops in Campania

Arzano, Casal di Principe, Marcianise and Villa Literno. As of today, these four municipalities in the hinterland of Napl [...]

We want autocracy

For president Dmitri Medvedev, a parliamentary democracy would mean death to Russia [...]

Kosovo presents itself to the world

An anthem, a Constitution, and embassies overseas. But Belgrade objects [...]

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