Bread and Speculation

Is the increase in basic food prices, that has sparked off violent popular uprisings in Tunisia and Algeria, the result o [...]

Saudi Arabia: plotting in the palace

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi plans to crush Hezbollah, and US attempts to reduce tension with Iran [...]

Palestine, the Keffiyah clings on

In Hebron, the last factory for making the traditional headscarf struggles to compete with Chinese-made versions [...]

Israel deports children of migrant workers

Tel Aviv government changes residency requirements for migrants: 400 children may be forced to leave their families [...]

Lebanon, an uncertain future

Interview to Georges Corm on the present situation in Lebanon [...]

Killing is Easy

Israel patrols Gaza’s border using remote controlled rifles, operated at a distance by 20 year old female soldiers [...]

Chinese Interest in Iraq

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq. [...]

Chinese fingers in the iraqi pie

China has the money, the daring and the diplomatic astuteness. That's why it's winning the commercial war in Iraq and the USA is losing it. [...]

The feud of Algeria

On the 21st of June the Algerian army has launched an unprecedented offensive against the irreducible Islamic militias [...]

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