Palestine: the longest day

On September 20th the UN Assembly will debate independence for the Palestinians [...]

Voices of the Flotilla

One of the Freedom Flotilla’s coordinators, Maria Elena Delia tells us about the waiting game in Athens [...]

Doubts Arise Amidst Turmoil in Syria

One of the icons of the revolution might not even exist, but that’s not the only point of uncertainty [...]

Vittorio, the good hero

Strong, brave, generous. Just like in fairytales. [...]

How to react? The Libyan crisis in terms of international law

Nato revs its engines, but diplomacy is hard at work searching for a legal balance to underpin an eventual mission [...]

The revolt of the young

Interview on events in Egypt with Fawaz Trabulsi, historian and professor at the American University of Beirut [...]

Libya, the Colonel and the Cavalier

The second anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between Italy and Libya offers opportunities for further highly profitabl [...]

Egypt Protests 2011

Special coverage by GLOBAL VOICES ONLINE - A community of over 300 bloggers and translators reporting about voices, regio [...]

The Maghreb, a new front for hunger

Algeria and Tunisia in flames: thousands of youths protest in the streets against high prices and lack of freedom [...]

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