China reins in its building spree

Shanghai freezes property loans. A brief red-light for an economy on the gallop [...]

The return of the Golden Triangle

Opium production booms in the territories controlled by rebels opposed to Burmaís military junta. [...]

Japan: mobile defence policy

The new National Defence Programme: moving from a Cold War to an anti-China mood [...]

China and Russia: farewell to the dollar, a gesture both political and economic

Yuan and roubles for bilateral trade. Paolo Manasse: ďA quest for stability and autonomy from Washington. But not part of [...]

The old man and the war

Abdullah is a very old Afghan man hospitalised at the Emergency Hospital in Lashkargah. Having spent most of his life ski [...]

Human trafficking in Mongolia

Socio-economic transition followed by unemployment and poverty. This is the main cause behind new crimes such as traffick [...]

Mongolia, the water eco-warriors

Escalating protests against mining, in a country where ecological and social problems are inseparable [...]

New routes for war

The Pentagon is increasingly relying on Central Asia as a supply route for its troops in Afghanistan: a strategy that risks destabilising the region. [...]

Things like this also happen in Afghanistan

A moment of sheer joy interrupts the routine of the Emergency war hospital in Lashkargah [...]

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