Beyond the Economy The Chinese Model

Every superpower tends to produce a culture that becomes global. Will that be true for China as well? [...]

Gas Land Australia

Reserves in New South Wales are the key to new global energy strategies [...]

Crimes Go Unpunished in Sri Lanka

Horrifying new images of the atrocities committed by the regime of Mahinda Rajapaksa during the final phase of the war ag [...]

Afghanistan: false success

Over 90% of the thousands of “Taliban” US General Petraeus claimed captured in SOF night-time raids turn out to be innoce [...]

The truth of the Apple iPad behind Foxconn’s lies

A video documenting labour rights abuses at Foxconn’s plants in Chengdu, a factory exclusively producing for Apple [...]

Welfare Chinese Style

A new social security law will make China a little more like the West and apply to foreigners as well. But we’re already [...]

Japan’s nuclear secrets

New proof of secret agreements with the USA that contradict with the pacifist principles of Eisaku Sato [...]

A day of warfare or a year of healing?

An open letter from a volunteer with Emergency in Afghanistan, on the question of refinancing the Italian military missio [...]

China: A Cold Winter Night with the Petitioners

Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer, spends a night with the visiting petitioners, who travel across the country from differ [...]

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