Victim or executioner?The Leader of Lra, Joseph Kony

The fate of ex-child soldier Dominic Ongwen splits Uganda in two [...]

Two Indian shopkeepers
There's something about Delhi

The race for the new African markets? A matter between the Tiger and the Dragon. We are not talking about Ang Lee's film, [...]

African youth
United States of Africa

Land of fights against colonialism, and home to coups and civil wars, while today is still licking its wounds of 50 years [...]

A 1,000 Zimbabwean dollar note
Salvation is online

Web aids from the Zimbabwean diaspora are keeping the country afloat [...]

Warriors of Delta
The Delta Rebels

PeaceReporter interviews Cynthia Whyte, spokesperson of the Nigerian rebels of the Joint Revolutionary Council [...]

the inauguration of salam heart surgery centre
The New Heart of Africa

Salam heart surgery centre, built by Emergency on the Blue Nile banks, has been officially inaugurated today. The centre, [...]

Bicycles stacked with wooden boxes. Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Sandro Greblo.
God save the Queen/1

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Entebbe international airport, 30 kilometres outside Kampala, is the [...]

Nigeria, electoral parody

Umaru Yar’Adua is the new president, but the opposition declares serious irregularities [...]

aurent Gbagbo and Guillaume Soro in the capital Yamoussoukro
Doubts on Ivory Coast’s peace deal

Less than a week ago Ivory Coast was still a country at war: divided into two sides by a buffer zone, the army and the re [...]

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