Somalia: drama and paralysis

Premier forced to resign as part of agreement between president and speaker. Political feuding continues as the country r [...]

Zimbabwe: the manoeuvring begins

The Minister for Finance threatened and intimidated, clashes between supporters of Mugabe’s party and political infightin [...]

Zimbabwe – escaping from AIDS

Thousands are going to South Africa in search of life-saving remedies not available in their own country, creating a highly dangerous short circuit

Inferno in Mogadishu

Ceaseless fighting in the northern districts of the Somalian capital for three days amid worsening hygienic-sanitary cond [...]

Odinga, Kibaki and Kofi Annan
Kenya, much ado about nothing

"Premier Odinga has disappointed the poor. He has obtained what he wanted for himself and his family, but he has betrayed [...]

The rush for black gold in Somalia

Even if Somalia is at present not the best place where to do business, as it is torn by civil war and with a government s [...]

Wanted for illegal art

In Zimbabwe, artists too are victims of Mugabe's repression [...]

 A Masai speaking on the phone
Good family loans

In Kenya, going to a gas station doesn’t necessarily mean filling the tank. An increasing number of peasants and small-bu [...]

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