Vittorio Arrigoni, an International Solidarity Movement (Ism) activist, was kidnapped and killed in Gaza Vittorio, the good hero,   L.Galassi

Spratly, Senkaku, Kurile: a mega-game between superpowers and mini players

New proof of secret agreements with the USA that contradict with the pacifist principles of Eisaku Sato

The second anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between Italy and Libya offers opportunities for further highly profitable business deals. At the expense of would-be emigrants and in defiance of the Northern League

The new National Defence Programme: moving from a Cold War to an anti-China mood

A new political movement to fit a new political scenario, in which the Basque left tenaciously continues its search for a peaceful solution

WikiLeaks reveals Saudi plans to crush Hezbollah, and US attempts to reduce tension with Iran

Abdullah is a very old Afghan man hospitalised at the Emergency Hospital in Lashkargah. Having spent most of his life skirting around the edges of warfare, he had finally collided directly with it

A new pension reform: men will become eligible for retirement at the age of 58, instead of the previous 66, and women and miners will be eligible at 56

Shanghai freezes property loans. A brief red-light for an economy on the gallop

Giovanni Giacopuzzi, historian and author, examines the numerous ceasefires and negotiations over the years, leading up to the recent announcement. The growing importance of a politically-channelled will to independence

Tajikistan, the poorest of the five ex-Soviet republics in Central Asia, is slowly turning into a Chinese colony

Extradition to the United States ends the career of the man reputed to be the world’s biggest arms dealer. But is this really the last chapter of his story?

Interview with the acclaimed Serbian graphic journalist, guest of the Komikazen Festival

In Nairobi, mining ministers from eleven African states have signed an agreement on ending “the raw materials war”. A conduct code for companies that trading in “high risk” minerals.

Opium production booms in the territories controlled by rebels opposed to Burma’s military junta.

It looks like a teabag, but it turns dirty water into drinking water

China’s economic model is creating opportunities for the Global South. But the Dragon still has a lot to learn

Thousands are going to South Africa in search of life-saving remedies not available in their own country, creating a highly dangerous short circuit

The regime prepares for elections on 7 November, leaving nothing to chance, with the result a foregone conclusion

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