Emergency: "To us, a political system is democratic only if it works for the common well-being, favouring in its actions the needs of the underprivileged, the needs of the weakest social groups, to better their living conditions, so that we may all be a society of citizens".

Thousands are going to South Africa in search of life-saving remedies not available in their own country, creating a highly dangerous short circuit

The Seroquel case explodes in the USA – Seroquel is an antipsychotic drug used to treat PTSD and is alleged to have caused the deaths of many US war veterans since the start of the Iraq war in 2001

The regime prepares for elections on 7 November, leaving nothing to chance, with the result a foregone conclusion

The US ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Honduras knew about the coup against Manuel Zelaya on the 28 June 2009 several weeks beforehand… according to the testimony of an ex-minister who was killed shortly after making this revelation

China’s economic model is creating opportunities for the Global South. But the Dragon still has a lot to learn

Tel Aviv government changes residency requirements for migrants: 400 children may be forced to leave their families

Interview to Georges Corm on the present situation in Lebanon

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan has announced that it will wage war against the imperialist occupiers in Afghanistan, as well as reactionary theocratic Islamists.

Bringing aid and information to isolated villages along the Brahmaphutra River

In Hebron, the last factory for making the traditional headscarf struggles to compete with Chinese-made versions

Extradition to the United States ends the career of the man reputed to be the world’s biggest arms dealer. But is this really the last chapter of his story?

By Cindy Sheehan. "When you vote for war, don't be surprised when you get it"

Chinese state TV celebrates good relations with Israel by airing a documentary praising Jewish civilisation

USAid the is main propagator of excessive wastes of supplies and money - all in order to benefit subsidized American industries.

The Chinese ratings agency Dagong is challenging the United States' stranglehold on the global economic climate.

Putin presents Moscow’s ‘New Deal’ for the Caucasus. Economic revival, hotels and ski slopes, commerce and petrol: a new strategy for combating Islamic insurgents

The "silent raids" involve the infiltration of U.S. factories and industrial plants by I.C.E. agents and the subsequent identifcation of illegal workers

De-Maoisation in the name of Mao, or rather, using history to justify the present. But the ruling group is not united

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq.

INTERVIEW. 'We are happy because, before the end of the week, the hospital will be back in function. There will be fewer deaths and fewer untreated victims. That is the true victory'

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