INTERVIEW. 'We are happy because, before the end of the week, the hospital will be back in function. There will be fewer deaths and fewer untreated victims. That is the true victory'

The Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative is a new study that aims to incorporate non economic factors into an analysis of global poverty.

China has the necessary tools to dominate foreign investment in Iraq.

The US ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Honduras knew about the coup against Manuel Zelaya on the 28 June 2009 several weeks beforehand… according to the testimony of an ex-minister who was killed shortly after making this revelation

The Chinese ratings agency Dagong is challenging the United States' stranglehold on the global economic climate.

Putin presents Moscow’s ‘New Deal’ for the Caucasus. Economic revival, hotels and ski slopes, commerce and petrol: a new strategy for combating Islamic insurgents

The "silent raids" involve the infiltration of U.S. factories and industrial plants by I.C.E. agents and the subsequent identifcation of illegal workers

In any crisis, the real struggle is to keep the money flowing

London's 2005 terrorist attack has mysteriously been erased from the collective memory.

By Cindy Sheehan. "When you vote for war, don't be surprised when you get it"

USAid the is main propagator of excessive wastes of supplies and money - all in order to benefit subsidized American industries.

De-Maoisation in the name of Mao, or rather, using history to justify the present. But the ruling group is not united

What lies behind the escalation of tension with Peking set in motion by Washington?

A small pink revolution is taking root in Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia against Iran, Sunnites against Shiites. A no-holds barred battle, where even religion becomes a weapon

The construction of an Islamic centre in the financial heart of New York will begin next year amidst the contentions of relatives of 9/11 victims

Twelve months after the end of the conflict, Rajapaksa's war crimes are yet unpunished and 80 thousand Tamil refugees are still detained in military camps

He likes to be called Rambo and he is an American green beret veteran like the world famous icon. He is the commander of an Afghan paramilitary militia that has been terrorizing the population of the province of Kandahar for years

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