China has the money, the daring and the diplomatic astuteness. That's why it's winning the commercial war in Iraq and the USA is losing it.

Twelve months after the end of the conflict, Rajapaksa's war crimes are yet unpunished and 80 thousand Tamil refugees are still detained in military camps

The construction of an Islamic centre in the financial heart of New York will begin next year amidst the contentions of relatives of 9/11 victims

A small pink revolution is taking root in Bangladesh

From Cartagena to the poor districts of the people who have been displaced by a long, cruel war. A journey through grief, anger and the hope of emancipation

What lies behind the escalation of tension with Peking set in motion by Washington?

The Haiti food question and the United States, guilty of flooding the the country with rice, marginalising local producers and forcing prices up.

Al-Qaeda chief accuses Shias of killing the leader of their organisation and plotting with the USA

A bill banning the use of the full veil in public places has been introduced into the Council of Ministers and will be debated by the General Assembly in July

He likes to be called Rambo and he is an American green beret veteran like the world famous icon. He is the commander of an Afghan paramilitary militia that has been terrorizing the population of the province of Kandahar for years

The Pentagon launches Cyber-Command in the computer network war. It will be headed by the director of the notorious NSA with a force of 90 thousand 'digital soldiers'. Fears over the growing militarisation of the Web

Mustafa Barghouti, founder of Palestinian Medical Relief and the al-Mubadara party, speak about the assault against Freedom Flotilla in Gaza

On the 21st of June the Algerian army has launched an unprecedented offensive against the irreducible Islamic militias

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