The Israeli attack on the «Free Gaza» flotilla: the opinion of 'Rabbis for Human Rights'. The opinion of Dr. Said Zeedani, associate professor of philosophy at Al-Quds University Attack to the Freedom Flotilla, Uri Avnery, israeli journalist and pacifist: 'A criminal and stupid assault which will have harmful consequences for my country' 'The fault is of the entire international community', Jeff Halper, the president of Ichad interviewed by PeaceReporter

Saudi Arabia against Iran, Sunnites against Shiites. A no-holds barred battle, where even religion becomes a weapon

Uranium mines? The Trans-Afghan pipeline? Geostrategic position? Or perhaps the control of drug trafficking?

A bill banning the use of the full veil in public places has been introduced into the Council of Ministers and will be debated by the General Assembly in July

From Cartagena to the poor districts of the people who have been displaced by a long, cruel war. A journey through grief, anger and the hope of emancipation

The Haiti food question and the United States, guilty of flooding the the country with rice, marginalising local producers and forcing prices up.

What lies behind the escalation of tension with Peking set in motion by Washington?

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