For a month, the Indian State of Orissa has been a theatre to episodes of violence between Christian communities and fanatical Hindus. The epicenter of the conflict is the district of Kandhamal, where the Hindus are destroying Christians’ places of worship and homes. Orissa is one of the poorest parts of India. The toll of the violence now is 59 deaths, 115 Christian churches destroyed, homes damaged, and 50 thousand homeless Christians seeking refuge in the forests, where they continue to receive threats from the fundamentalists

Argentina, the agricultural organizations declare a 6 day long strike

Thabo Mbeki

The war between Mbeki and Zuma is over. The country questions itself about its future

Somchai Wongsawat after his appointment

Somchai Wongsawat, husband of ex PM Thaksin's sister, is the new Thai premier

In Rio de Janeiro, the Army battles drug traffickers to let citizens vote

Sri Lanka's Tamils, throughout the world, have just commemorated the 25th anniversary of “black July”, the series of anti-Tamil pogroms that took place in July of 1983 and initiated the civil war that even today continues to bloody the Asian island.

The US-allied militias don't want to be integrated into the Iraqi forces

The Zapatero government has deployed what amounts to a bona fide army along the coast of West Africa by Spain, donating five surveillance aircraft C-212 to Mauritania, Senegal and Cape Verde to search the waters for migrant boats. They have also donated four patrol boats each to Mauritania and Senegal, a number of jeeps and a variety of technical equipment. The next gift is to be a Uh-1H helicopter from the Spanish army; all this to make Fortress Europe ‘impenetrable’.

Negotiations between President Morales and the rebel prefects have resumed

An oil well

After China and India, Russia, Turkey and Iran are also eyeing up the continent

Israel plans to tax the labor of Palestinians who are building the settlements

War, Economy? For millions of Americans, “values” are the only thing that counts when they are choosing their president

President Lugo accuses his opponents of plotting a coup against him

Howard Zinn

A memo to Obama and McCain from historian Howard Zinn

Three decades and a five-years war on, Western oil companies return to Iraq

Mehwar means the center of gravity, but for Palestinian victims of abuse, it means hope

Obama closes the Democratic Convention with a citation from Martin Luther King

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